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Rules of the Road
For Snowmobilers

Hm! Doesn't Look
This is not good!

  1. Do not follow closely behind snow groomers
  2. Always ride in a straight line on groomed trails
  3. Use hand signals for slowing, stopping, or turning off of trails
  4. Adjust speed to visibility
  5. Do not stop in the middle of a trail
  6. Always use your headlight
  7. Do not use drugs or Alcohol
  8. Do not go out alone
  9. Ride cautiously in Sno-Parks, near lodges and crossing highways
  10. Look out for cross-Country Skiers, sled dog teams, ATVs and Groomers
  11. Avoid the use of loud mufflers
  12. Reduce the noise to a minimum after 10pm in the Sno-Parks
  13. All trails are marked for type of use
  14. Always dress appropriately for adverse weather
  15. Always be prepared
  16. Know the area in which you are riding
  17. Observe and comply with posted areas
  18. Be aware of snow depth
  19. Avalanche
  20. Licensing & Permits

Additional details concerning each "Rules of the Road" can be viewed in PDF format in each of Central Oregon Snowbusters Newsletters on line. COMING SOON...




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